How To Transform Your Landscape With Garden Furniture

Immediate gratification is not something most gardeners find in their everyday pursuit of beauty. Therefore if you add garden furniture to your landscape it can come as a heady experience to discover that the vista changes instantly.

Gardens without furniture are like a week without weekends; all work and no play. Furniture in a garden creates the atmosphere of play, it says “here is a place to relax, to rest and enjoy the fruits of all that work”.

Garden furniture makes your outdoor space more useful and rewarding. The architectural lines of a seating group on a patio or deck can transform the space into an elegant retreat, a private getaway, an urban oasis, outdoor cafe or favorite family gathering place.

wooden garden tableAnd garden furniture groupings needn’t be confined to decks and patios. The opposition of closed and open space is fundamental in good garden design and creating “rooms” throughout the entire garden is simply a matter of seeing with a different eye. All gardens naturally have boundaries defined by fences, walls, hedges or borders. The right placement of garden furniture can help to divide one part of the garden from another and effectively break up the space to add interest and diversity. In a difficult area the right garden furniture can give the illusion of planned escape and turn a corner that might lack visual stimulation into a cozy retreat.

Whether you choose wood, iron, resin or wicker, garden furniture can add color and texture to an area. The right placement can draw the eye and hold the landscape together. In a part of the garden otherwise lacking interest, for instance a lawn with large trees and few planting beds, a large piece of white garden furniture can stand out with a touch of elegance when viewed from a distance. A sturdy chair painted in a bright color can brighten up a dark corner and the curving lines of wicker garden furniture add a touch of nostalgia to any setting.

Tucking a garden seat into an otherwise dull area of the garden can transform the area and invite you to walk over to it and use a part of the garden which might otherwise not hold special appeal.
When choosing garden furniture there are many things to consider including your personal style, the kind of atmosphere you are trying to create, the construction material, and affordability. .

garden dining setThere are garden furniture pieces that are purely functional and there are pieces that can be as important to the landscape as a well chosen ornament or special choice of planting. You should select furniture for your garden in the same way you would for your home. Choose pieces that suit your taste, your budget and your own personal style as well as pieces that you know will last through the changes in weather

Some things to consider when choosing furniture for placement in your garden

  • If you are choosing a piece that will sit on the lawn pick something lightweight so it will be easy to move for mowing.
  • If you have your heart set on a garden swing keep in mind it requires firm footing underneath and steady supports set deeply into the ground.
  • If you are going to be eating outdoors plan to locate the seating area in at least partial shade. Likewise remember metal retains heat and your cast iron love seat can turn into a hot seat if placed in a sunny spot.
  • Seats and table tops should be designed so that water does not sit on the surface and rot or rust them away.

Every garden should have a place to sit down and gaze with pleasure at what the gardener’s hard work has achieved. The right garden furniture can serve as a focal point, lend atmosphere to a nook or cranny or become the feature of a paved area. It can invite you, your family and your guests to venture forth and enjoy the new landscape that you have created – instantly!